Office Information

Office Hours

Monday: 8am - 5pm

Tuesday: 8am - 4pm

Wednesday: 8am - 5pm

Thursday: 8am - 4pm

Friday: 8am - 2pm

How to Contact the Doctor

You can reach Dr. Khan by calling (314) 270-9880. If this not an emergency please leave a message on our recording and we will return your call. Dr. Khan can be reached after hours and weekends through her exchange (314) 729-2190.

More Information

Exchange: (314) 729-2190

For a life threatening situation, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

If you need to reach a physician for an urgent issue after regular business hours, please call the exchange to speak with the physician on-call.

Note: Your personal physician may not be on-call and refills or antibiotics will not be provided after regular business hours.

Appointment line: (314) 270-9880

To provide exceptional care to each patient, a scheduled appointment is required. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Canceling appointments: Please provide our office with 24 hours (advance) notice for appointment cancellations.

To facilitate medication refills, please have your pharmacy fax your refill request.

Fax: (888) 971-4069

We make every effort to expedite refill requests; however, please make refill requests with your pharmacy a few days prior to depletion.

Referral Line: (314) 729-2190

Note: It is the patient's responsibility to obtain referral authorization before visiting a specialist.

If your insurance company requires a referral for a procedure or specialist, please call the referral line. We request 5 business days advance notice to fulfill referral requests.

Most referrals are managed over the phone, and upon completion will be faxed to the appropriate provider/specialist. To expedite your referral and ensure our office is submitting to the appropriate physician or facility, please have the following information:
1) First and last name of the provider/specialist
2) Type of provider/specialist
3) Reason for visit
4) Date & time of appointment
5) Phone and fax number

Co-payments and patient balances are due at the time of service. There is a returned check fee of $30.00.

To ensure our providers accept your insurance plan, please verify coverage by contacting your insurance provider’s customer service department. Customer service contact information is typically listed on the reverse side of your insurance card.

Prior to services rendered it is important to review insurance information with our staff; therefore, please have your insurance card available during each office visit.